We Have You Covered

At All-Star by Reportex, we believe the difference between adequate and excellent is in the details, and we apply this principle to every aspect of the services we offer.


We recognize how important comfortable, professional surroundings are when parties meet on neutral ground to examine witnesses, conduct hearings or resolve disputes.  The principles of comfort and efficiency, along with years of client feedback, guided us in the design of our facilities and the services we provide.


The importance of food in defusing conflict can’t be overstated. We’re always ready to provide delicious gourmet food made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

In New Westminster, we provide local-sourced, gourmet sandwiches and baked goods to sustain our clients throughout the day.

Ask our scheduling team for your options upon booking.


We have an extensive selection of equipment available to our clients ranging from power adapters and whiteboards to tablets and televisions. Should you require something specific for your discovery or mediation, let us know and we can make it happen.