Boardroom Equipment

Phone & Data

All of our boardrooms have commercial-grade wireless broadband internet access. Most of our boardrooms also have a landline phone with hands-free functionality should you need to contact a client or a member of your team. Electrical outlets are plentiful, and there are power strips located in the cabinets in each room.

Audiovisual Equipment

We have a collection of AV equipment for client use, including:

  • conference phone
  • projector & screen
  • laptops & iPads
  • speakers
  • flip charts & dry erase boards
  • television with DVD player


If one of your participants would prefer to attend remotely, we can set up teleconferencing and videoconferencing for your group.  More and more people are attending proceedings via Skype, and we offer setups with clear sound and a life-size screen, making remote appearances as useful as they are convenient.

Client Comfort

Ensuring the comfort and safety of our witnesses and their counsel is of paramount concern to us, and we maintain an assortment of amenities, including:

  • Obusforme lumbar supports
  • blankets
  • ice/heat packs
  • readers/magnifiers
  • over-the-counter painkillers

We also have a Quran and an assortment of Bibles for witnesses of different faiths.

Forgot Something?

Every room is fully stocked with notepads, pens, sticky notes, staplers, paperclips, highlighters, calculators and other office supplies.  We even have an assortment of cellphone chargers and laptop adapters, just in case.